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      重庆港宇高科技开发有限公司(以下简称重庆港宇)是一?#20197;?#20809;电子技术领域专业从事工业高清数字摄像机研发、生产的高新技术企业。公司坐落在重庆市国家级新区-两江新区,具有高新技术企业和高新技术产品资质,通过ISO9001:2008质量体系认证、欧盟CE及RoHS认证等 ,同时?#19981;?#24471;了国家科技部创新基金立项资助。公司自成立之日起,一直坚持走技术创新、自主研发的发展道路,致力于为客户提供拥有自主知识产权、高品质、可靠性强的高清数字成像产品。
Chongqing Camyu Hi-tech Development Co. ltd. is an enterprise specialized in research and development of industrial high definition cameras in photoelectronic technology industry. Located in Liangjiang new area, a state level new area, Chongqing Camyu have qualification of high and new technology enterprise and products, our products quality approved by ISO9001:2008 , our products have passed CE and RoHS certification of EU, and the National science and technology department supports us by innovation funds. Since the establishment, Chongqing Camyu adheres to technological innovation and self research and development, focuses on providing all clients the high definition products with independent intellectual property, high quality and good reliability.   

      公司主要产品有工业数字CCD摄像机、智能交通数字CCD摄像机以及根据客户要求订制的特种数字 CCD摄像机。像元数从数十万到千万不等,全部具备自主知识产权。现已在智能交通、安防、机器视觉、光学工程、医学影像、工业检测及科研分析等领域得到了广泛应用。
Our main products include industrial digital CCD camera, intelligent traffic digital CCD camera and other special digital CCD cameras according to clients’ requirements. Our products range from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions pixels, all have independent intellectual property. Currently, they are widely used in intelligent traffic, security, Machine Vision, optical engineering, Medical Imaging, industrial inspection and scientific and technological analyzing.

As the “HD PIONEER” in domestic intelligent traffic field,  Camyu makes great efforts to promote the HD development and always plays the leading role in this industry. The industrial high definition cameras in intelligent traffic covers from 0.8 to 10 pixels widely used in various situation, such as security system, electronic police, traffic snatching and etc.. Famous for stable quality, excellent imaging, easy integration, and our products have a leading place in market share, highly recommended by users, and enjoys a high reputation in the whole industry.

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